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HTM1500D AC Drilling Motor

HTM1500D AC Drilling Motor
HTM1500D AC Drilling Motor

The Joliet Horizontal AC Drilling Motor delivers a continuous 1500HP rating for mud pump and rotary table applications and boasts an impressive intermittent rating of 2250HP for drawworks duty. The continuous rating is at 600/690 VAC, 1350 Amperes, 45.6 Hertz, 900/1800 RPM.


PDF HTM 1500D New AC Motor Data Sheet (PDF, 548KB)


JEC-HTM1500D Features
  • Form Wound 6-Pole Stator - (VPI).
  • Copper Alloy Rotor Bars and End Ring.
  • Class H Insulation.
  • (VFD) Inverter duty.
  • 4532 Alloy "Oversized" High-Strength Forged Single Shaft with Oilfield Hub (8.350" Bolt Circle).
  • OPE Insulated Bearing.
  • Pressurized connection box (IP56) mounted on left side of motor as viewed from non-drive end, with bolt-on cable connections and terminations for pressure sensor, thermostat, space heater, lockout switch and blower unit. Connection box can be specified on right side.
  • (6) 100 Ohm Platinum RTD's, (2) per phase.
  • Blower Assembly: 20HP, Explosion Proof, 3 Phase, 60 Hz., 460 Volts, Providing 3900 CFM at 16" Ventilation Air.
  • Pressure Sensor, Explosion Proof.
  • Lockout Switch, Explosion Proof.
  • Space Heater, 120 or 240 VAC, Explosion Proof.
  • Stub Shaft for Encoder (Drawworks).
  • Approx. Weight: 6,730 Lbs.
Engineering Data
  • Service Speed: Belt drive: 0�~ 2300 RPM (min-1)
  • 2300 ~ 3000 RPM: short time drive.
  • Optional: 0 ~ 3000 RPM (Direct coupling drive. Continuous drive.)
  • Over speed: 3600 RPM (min -1).
  • Dielectric Test Vibration: 4025 V (900*2.25+2000, 900 V is inverter input Voltage).
  • Permissible Vibration: +/-73.5 m/S² (+/-7.5G).
  • Noise (No-Load): Approx. 91 dB(A) at 1m from motor frame.
  • Bearing Type: Gear Side: Roller Bearing; Opp. Gear Side: Roller Bearing.
  • Manufactured in accordance to Certifications and approvals by Hitachi Corporation.

Output (HP)

Output (HP) Continuous 1500
Output (HP) Intermittent 2250

Output (KW)

Output (KW) Continuous 1119
Output (KW) Intermittent 1678


Voltage (V) Continuous 600
Voltage (V) Intermittent 600


Current (A) Continuous 1350
Current (A) Intermittent 2025


Speed (1/min) Continuous 900
Speed (1/min) Intermittent 900


Frequency (HZ) Continuous 45.6
Frequency (HZ) Intermittent 46.2


Efficiency (%) Continuous 94.5
Efficiency (%) Intermittent 93.7

Power Factor

Power Factor (%) Continuous 86.4
Power Factor (%) Intermittent 85.1

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